Wanted, Info leading to the capture of Marisa (please help)

  1. Please PFers, I am dreaming about owning a large Marisa in black and can't find one! I don't know when she was produced or if I can still buy her new. I do know that she is black with golden hardware, has a zippered pocket on each side of her and she is lovely. Pursemama has one posted in her collection and ppgurl posted one yesterday. Please, I beg you, any info you share with me will be greatlly appreciated and you will be rewarded by knowing that you helped a fellow PFer in her quest for the bag of her dreams. TIA
  2. Who makes it?
  3. Ferragamo.

    Currently all of their Marisa styles feature silver hardware, so you'd have to find an older model to get gold.
  4. ^^^Thanks for helping, How old is this model? I guess impossible to get new so eBay is my only hope now. Sorry I forgot to post in title that it's designed by Ferragamo.
  5. I'm not sure. I think they've done this bag with silver hardware for at least 2-3 seasons.