WANTED: Hermes Expert


    I came across this Unidentified Hermes Bag in "BRAND" magazine and am loving it. Although it did not come with an english description, I am quite sure one of you can definitely identify this beauty.

    Please see attached photo. :drool::heart:

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Is this the Sac En Vie? I haven't actually seen one IRL.
  3. Yes,is beauty.but I like Birkin.
  4. :yes:
  5. mrssparkles & HG, as always you amaze me with your Hermes knowledge - right at your fingertips ! :tup:
  6. WOW! THAT was fast! Thank you mrssparkles and hermesgroupie for the information. :tup:
  7. Love that, I think I have the same magazine where that picture is from.
  8. the exact name is Sac en V. available in two sizes : PM and GM now.
  9. Yup....I find the sizes don't work for me. GM is huge (like luggage to me) and PM is a little too small for all my daily needs.

    Very pretty bag though.
  10. The Sac En Vie is more of a travel bag. I've seen these at the store a couple of times and they are BIG bags. Could be used as a gym bag too.
  11. Even the PM size is huge!
  12. Specialistparis...miss seeing you post on the boards with us!!!
  13. Am sure the experts already know this, but it is called V because it opens up to a v shape, unlike other bags where the zip does not go all the way down to the bottom of the bag.

    AllaboutNice and I saw one in Bond St and Celine explained they were made after travellers demanded something you could get easier access to. However, I am sure the bag we saw was small....AAN you there?
  14. coo-eee, here I am, racking my brain... the bag I remember didn't seem big at all... mind you I was in a Birkin coma after seeing eliselady's Brighton Blue beauty.
  15. THANK YOU :heart: VERY MUCH TO ALL THOSE WHO CONTRIBUTED. I appreciate all your input.