Wanted: Has Anyone Seen These?

  1. I am in love with these BRUNO FRISONI sandals. Did anyone see these in their local Saks or neiman. PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
  2. I saw those at Saks NYC a couple of weeks ago -- it was on the sale racks (only a few sizes available). Not sure if they are still there though.
  3. ooo I WILL CALL THEM ASAP tomorrow. Thanks. ANYWAY ELSE just in case they rn't in NYC.
  4. Just realized that I had stalked these shoes too a while ago & actually saved the online SKU # on my computer -- that item # is 0441937975588 -- your best bet would be to call Saks' 24-hour 1-800 hotline (the # available online/the locator #) and ask them to locate that shoe in your size. Just give the item # and they'll be able to do a nationwide Saks search. It's no longer available online, but could possibly show up in some obscure stores. Good luck with your search! I was quite enamored of those shoes too but all my money now is saved for Louboutins....so had to sacrifice these.