WANTED: Green Lambskin Bubble Quilt & Mango Glazed Lambskin Med/Jumbo

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  1. Dear tpf-ers,

    After my failed attempt to obtain a TAUPE Jumbo caviar, I've shifted my focus to the two items above, i.e the green Lambskin Bubble Quilt in ghw (08 I think) & Mango Glazed Lambskin Med/Jumbo from 08 too.


  2. To make the hunting process more efficient, I've included pictures here, the green bubble quilt borrowed from Luccibag from her bag showcase and the mango jumbo from Gotbighair from the TPF colour library. Hope you ladies don't mind to lend me the pics of your lovely bags. :smile:

  3. Chanel boutique in SF has the M/L mango glazed lambskin few weeks ago. It's a display bag.
  4. Snowy, thanks! Just wanna double check, is there only 1 Chanel boutique in SF?
  5. yes, there's only 1 Chanel boutique in SF
  6. there is one green bubble quilt on ebay, but definitely get it auth first before placing a bid. gL!
  7. Classicchic: Yeah, i saw one but it's in small size. I need a medium at least. :smile:

    Snowy: Noted! willgive them a call . thanks!
  8. Anybody can help?
  9. I've been looking for a green bubble quilt for a while as well... It's hard and people who have it hold on to them! Good luck to both of us. :P
  10. hi kai! sure, let's hunt together :smile: if you dont mind a smaller size bag, there's one on ebay. But i need to bigger bag
  11. I saw the mango glazed lamb 2weeks ago at Chanel Barcellona.
    Very very beautiful.
  12. oh barcelona....too far for me... *sob*
  13. You picked two beauties! GL!
  14. Pursenality: they are beauties but so so so difficult to find them!

    I saw one from a HK 2nd hand shop but before I could react, it was sold the next day! I felt like :smash: myself............

    i am still trying to recover from the disappointment... It's unlike current season item whereby I can still probably locate with a bit more hardwork. It's a bag from years ago. It's so rare and I just let one slipped by ...
  15. I'm sorry!

    That is the worst feeling,