Wanted: e/w dark white caviar bag with bijoux chain

  1. Does anyone know where this bag is ?? Thanks!!
  2. thats's the bag I had on hold at Saks NYC that was "accidentally" sold to someone else during the EGC event. I think a number of NM have them in stock. Just call around. I don't have a SA to recommend though. good luck.
  3. i just called NM in plano looking for a white caviar with the old chain (no luck). they did have a white lambskin w/bijoux chain--i know it's not caviar, but it's close!
  4. Can you post a pic of the one that yuor loking for? if its the one that I'm thinking about i may know where one is.

    You are calling it a e/w but I'm thinking of a jumbo.....same one or different?
  5. OOooooo...the white e/w with the bijoux chain sounds TDF!!! Good luck!!!
  6. Wow that bag sounds Fab!
  7. NM San Antonio has the jumbo

  8. Yes, I have seen it in the jumbo, but wanted a smaller bag. I've called around, but none seem to be available. I love it; it looks really classy. Boo hoo for me!