Wanted Chloe Bag for Girlfriend

  1. £300 limit. Completely clueless, don't want a "copy", is it doo-able??
  2. you are so sweet, what a lovely gift! it's towards the end of sales season now and it might be possible to get a deal. try posting in the chloe shopping section in the chloe forum and someone might be able to help...good luck!
  3. You could try neimanmarcus.com (sale section), bluefly.com, Saks.com or overstock.com. They are all legit online stores, and you should be able to find something fits into your price range. There are many other legit online stores, but there are many fake ones as well. You have to be careful. Looks like you are in England. I am not familiar with Enropean online stores. If you purchase a bag from an U.S. store, you will need to consider the custom fee.

    Good luck!
  4. If you're in Europe you can try Net a Porter.com, luisaviaroma.com, I also know Browns which I think is in London and maybe also matchesfashion.com
    Maybe ask also in the authenticate this thread about the two last sites as I never bought from them but I think they're legit
  5. There are some really nice authentic Chloe bags on eBay uk right now. Just keep looking and you will find them. If you are not sure then post the link to the authentication section and the lovely ladies there will help you out.
  6. Browns of London is terribly posh so you can trust them without checking. I think that the same goes for Matches although I haven't bought anything yet. There is another one called Cricket which, I think, sells real bags too.

    The prices for the Spring/Summer collection on Luisaviaroma are very good. They are in Italy so there is no customs charge for the UK. The shipping charge is quite big but the goods come in a superb box that would make the basis of a very impressive gift.
  7. My Large Ollie from LVR cost £21.77 once comverted over which i think was very cheap considering it took 16 hours to get here from Italy. My girlfried paid slightly more for the same fast service but she had a wallet added to her bag from them. I think it all depends on what they charge and the comversion rate that day. I got lucky indeed when i ordered from them.
  8. Thanks for your help on this.