WANTED: Chanel Lady Graphic Bag - see pics >> ro

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  1. please go and re-read our rules.
  2. oooh I'd love to know as well!
  3. Try Ebay, you might find it there. Good luck!!
  4. ooh, that's pretty!
  5. No buying/selling on tPF as I'm sure you all know.

    That bag is really beautiful. You could call your local store and give them the style number. If it is still available, they can locate it for you and do a charge send. Otherwise try a legit resale site. Good luck!
  6. ^oops, didn't see that...I thought the OP was asking the name.
  7. Oh I didn't know no buying and selling on here. I check ebay every day and its never there.... Just gets dissappointing . I think it is a rare style and from circa 2006 so I don't think any store would still have it.. Thanks -f anyone comes across it please let me know!!!! Thx
  8. I would still call some stores and ask, I know that some Chanel boutiques do have older stock (sometimes in their basement), and they hold onto the old styles incase during holiday time they sell out of a lot of their stock, they have the old ones to bring up, I know this sounds crazy, but it's true. Don't give up. I wouldn't. And good luck!:tup:
  9. if anyone knows the style number for this bag - please let me know!! thanks!
  10. i saw one of this on ebay..but its red
  11. the only hope is on ebay or consignment shops, GL in ur search~