Wanted Cashew(?) Tote, What About Patent Black?

  1. I had posted about wanting the Marc Jacobs North/South Tote. I really wanted cashew (I THINK that's the colour name), then I had dreams about a black one. A PATENT black one popped up on eBay (I asked for more photos and am waiting). Now any opinions on whether I'd like the patent? I turned to black because it seems dressier, which is nice for a big tote, maybe. I can't tell from the photos if I'd like the patent. The pics seem a bit too color/brightness adjusted or something like that. I don't usually like patent on bags, because it looks a bit fake or too-too much. But then again, it might look dressier...

    Good news is that I'm no longer in any hurry to get this. My money would love me to wait - lol.

    Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. I like both colors, cashew is one of my favorites, and I think patent black is classic. You really can't go wrong with either. I don't think patent black is over the top, especially in a quilted style. For some reason, quilting tones down the patent.