Wanted : burberry Red Patent Leather Baby Beaton

  1. Ok, gals... here's one you'll love since it's a guy posting trying to find a purse for my girlfriend she wants badly, but can't find... I'm thinking valentines day... Come on, help make me a hero ! ha ha
    Red Patent Leather Baby Beaton... Can anyone assist me in my search please - tried the major retail stores, have a Burberry store calling around, online searches, checked eBay, etc... xxxxx - Any help is appreciated. Thanks !
  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum mburberry! How very nice that you are wanting to buy such a lovely bag for your sweetie!

    Please take the time to read the Purse Forum rules before posting again. There is NO buying or selling here unless you have been approved for the Marketplaza. That includes soliciting other members.

    Maybe someone will have spotted your bag and can post in your thread to let you know where. Good luck with the search!
  3. oops so sorry... i didn't know... i wasn't really asking to buy one - just asking for help on where to locate - is that ok ? in any case, if anyone can help please do, again my apologies...
  4. Does it have to be the Beaton in red? Or would it be okay to have the Beaton in another colour or if it's the colour red that you want, then another bag by Burberry? (Like the Manor or the Westbury; although I don't know whether there is red Westbury). I bought my red Manor at luisaviaroma.
  5. regina - she really wants the red patent leather one - so i search away - didn't know if there were any good places to look for the hard to find stuff.
  6. Or this one:
    I think, luisaviaroma still has it on sale.
  7. If it's the Berry red - here are two more; both from the Burberry site.
    Regina :yes:
    HoboBerry.jpg LaneyBerry.jpg
  8. thank you all so much for the help - unfortunately i'm going to probably wait until i can find a red patent baby beaton. i fear if i get one of the others she may feel disappointed that she didn't get the 'one' she wanted - you know how it is... if she doesn't like the style then i didn't really succeed after all this effort. again, thanks and if you have any other suggestions shoot them off to me... xxxxx
  9. mburberry, if you post more, others will have the ability to PM you

    Posting your email address may give you more spam than you want ;)
  10. I think you can probably better call burberry assistance. (866 589 0499 got it off their website)
    Maybe they can tell you if they'll have one coming in or when it will be in stock...
  11. This might be too late, but you can find the red patent Baby Beaton bag at, unbelievably, Costco.com. Go to the site and type "Burberry" into the search box and it will come up. The description does not say it is the Baby Beaton, but judging from the price ($1499.99) and the dimensions, I think it is the Baby.