WANTED: Black Part Time with GGH

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  1. I saw this bag on fleabay (I think a TPF'er was selling it too!) not too long ago but then the listing ended. I was so heartbroken. BTW, what is the "retail" price of the part time? Is there anywhere I can look so that I know the actual prices of the bags from the stores? Thanks everyone! :smile:
  2. Retail price is $1645 for a PT with GH. You can find dimensions and prices for various Bal styles here:


    Usually the best thing to do is to start calling around to various Bal retailers. You can find a list of authentic retailers here:


    I was told today that NM is completely sold out of the GGH PT, but you might want to try the NM in Troy, MI because I know they had one three or four weeks ago and maybe it's still there - if you do, ask for Lisa Hamlin, she's wonderful! I would definitely try Saks, Nordstrom and BalNY and BalLA also. Good Luck and post pics when you find one!
  3. Yay, thank you so much!:flowers:
  4. There's a couple at the NM in Short Hills NJ Call Lee he can help
  5. i also saw one just now at NM Austin. you can call nikki there. she's the SA i go through for bal stuff.
  6. I saw one today at NM in the Westchester Mall in White Plains, NY.
  7. Barneys NY has a bunch of them. A good 10. Maybe more.
  8. Karen, did you see any nice ones at Barneys with SGH?
  9. ^^ I didn't see any out. Only GGH but then again I wasn't looking for it either so thats not to say they didn't have any.

    I might be back at Barneys tomorrow. If I see any I'll let you know. They usually keep a lot of stuff in their stock room.