WANTED: Back-zip Rolando/Bianca!

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  1. Ladies, I've been looking for the black back-zip Rolando/Bianca for quite some time now and sadly eBay turned up with nothing in my size.

    I'm a TTS M 6.5 in most brands and from what I read in the CL Sizing Info thread, I would most likely need a 35.5 Bianca and a 37 Rolando (don't want to risk the 36.5 as I read the toebox is extremely narrow... but I might if I absolutely had to). I've looked high and low across the internet for these sizes but came up short.

    Are the back-zips classic or are they now extinct? If they're always going to be around I figured I'd swing by my local Louboutin store and ask... but if they're not, any of you ladies know where to find them online?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Thank you, karwood! I'll be sure to post my desperate please there!

    I suppose they won't be restocked since they're not classics, then? :cry:
  3. I highly doubt it. This style was not as popular as the regular Bianca or Rolando
  4. ^^^

    Anyways, thank you again. I'm still very much hopeful though--dunno if that would help but I am! :p
  5. you have to be quick

    search this # 0452565217315


    ;) Zip Zip hurray !!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.