Wanted: A Go With Everything Bbag Color

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  1. ....i love allll Balenciaga's colors which is why i'm having such a hard time, but i really want to find a great color in a City bag that i can wear with everything!! originally, i thought i'd go with black or anthra...still love them but would love to venture out. i think outremer is nice....maybe a nice purple~ly color??? Bal fans - what do you think?? or can you wear a city bag in ANY color with ANY thing?!?!
  2. I think the answer depends on you. Some people can wear any color bag with ANY thing. Other people are more matchy and want their bag to go more with their clothes. If you are someone who doesn't want their bag to contrast too much, then I would go with black or anthra or another neutral like Galet. But if blending in with your outfit isn't your thing, then go for whatever color WOWs you. If you love the bag, you'll love wearing it.
  3. The one I go to for myself is a red.
  4. i think that was the answer i was looking for. i'm always SO FEARFUL of colorful bags for that reason. (and i'm not a matchy matchy person) but just scared that someone will put me on a Glamour Magazine don't list with that black bar across my eyes because i've got this purple bag that i love with an outfit that contrasts with it. THANKS!! now i've just gotta find the color that i want!!!
  5. If you don't want a BLACK bag, I'd go for RED. Matches just about anything and looks ggggreat!
  6. Red. I have many many red b-bags. They go with everything.
  7. I would get black.
  8. As TMitch6542 says, it's all in the attitude & feeling comfortable in your own clothes, whether they clash or not. I've got bright yellow, blue & green bags, I love them & to the judgemental people (probably wearing boring black) who might think I belong on a Don't list, I say: Get a life!

    If you're fearful of colorful bags, that will show when you wear one. See if you like Tempete. It's neutral and won't clash with much, but it's got way more character than black/grey.
  9. Red was my first Bbag and I love it, goes with just about everything.
  10. yes - definitely go with a colour! Red...or purple I think goes with most other outfits and adds a splash of colour! I keep thinking I need a black bag as I have sold my black Chloe but I keep getting distracted by the lovely colours available!
  11. i would also go for red :smile: or a deep purple like raisin :smile:
  12. just my 2 cents though i have yet to own a bbag, i do have other bags in a wide variety of colours. haha

    i think it really depends on your predominant style of dressing. are you the kind who sticks to the basic & neutral colours like black white, pastels, etc? If yes, reds like sang, tomato, Pourpre and even the purples like raisin, sapphire, etc are a very good choices.

    on the other hand, if you like wearing bright colours or clothes with multi-colours / floral prints, then beige, black & grey coloured bag like sandstone, anthra will be lovely :smile: i'm the kind who does not like my bag to be too "matchy" with my clothes and have no qualms about carrying a bright yellow or lime green bag to go with my boring simple tops with jeans outfits!
  13. REALLY good point!! thank you! i actually don't wear a lot of prints. i do tend to wear pinks, yellows and oranges in the summer (at least, i did last summer) but, yah, probably a lot of neutrals, jeans and tops - work clothes are verrrry neutral. someone suggested tempete - that's gorgeous too. and red seems to be a popular bbag color choice - i haven't seen a red one yet.
  14. i would get black or red!
  15. Hi Berge! :smile:

    I had the same dilemma when deciding on my 1st Bbag. I bought one in Bubblegum Pink, only to return it a day later, an Apple Green, only to sell it on Ebay after a week, but finally, I found a colour that I personally think go great with everything - which is my 07 SGH Violet City.

    So I would definitely recommend anything purple (but maybe not Lilac -but then again, I'm not really one for soft colours). I think that a Bbag looks best in vibrant colour like red or violet, it really shows the texture of the leather as well. It all depends on your closet as well, I have a lot of neutral colour clothes and the other colours that seem to be a dominant in my closet is various shades of blue, so I think purple goes great with blue, as opposed to red (which would make me look like a sailor).

    I hope that you find the colour that you love soon! Good luck