Wanted: A 2004 Turquoise First or Twiggy

  1. Now that I have sold my sable paddy, I have decided that I must have another 04 turquoise :love: (I already have a city in this color). This is probably a long shot, but if anyone has one they are willing to part with or knows of someone who does, please PM me. Thanks! :biggrin:
  2. goodluck on your hunt:love: :biggrin:

    funny thing was my friend who sold the rose twiggy decided to aslo part with some of her b bags..she sold a mustard classique to one of our friends (damn!!! I missed that one out!!!) and now her turquoise 04 city:shame: :love:
  3. I will keep a look out for you!
  4. Thanks ranskimmie and AmourN20!!
  5. np :love: maybe you can ask mlertpac to hunt down b bags for you. I am planning to go to HK soon (it's near my country) and will try my luck to look for some older colors b bag:shame: :love:
  6. i think i like the turquoise spring 2005 better... i dunno.... hehehe, i'm like getting completely obessesed with this b-bag thread thingy! hehehe!
  7. omg amour- if you come before the end of this month, I'll hook you up with all the consignment stores I go to. :smile:
  8. Hey, update me on your b bag search in HK. I heard milan station has the old colors while Joyce has them on waitlist.
  9. Mlert- where were you when I was last in Hong Kong?? I certainly wish I knew you then! :biggrin: