Want to update bedroom...where to begin?

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  1. This winter DH and I want to re-do or update our bedroom.

    Our bedroom isnt the biggest, but its on ok size.
    We just want to make it more relaxing...but not spend a fortune doing so.

    Where do we begin? Do we start with paint and then re-decorate?

    Also, would it be alot of money to hire someone to re-decorate the bedroom or at least steer us in the right direction? And where would I even go about finding someone who does that?!

    Sorry for all the questions...we have been wanting to do this forever now and I figured winter is the best time to do this since we are hibernating anyway from the cold weather!

    Thanks in advance! :heart:
  2. Actually a lot of places will give you a free design consultation. That's what my mom did when she repainted the living room.

    I would figure out a theme you want to go with before painting. Find pictures online or buy one of those home decorating magazines to figure out what you want. It would be such a pain to paint the walls and then find a perfect bedspread that happens to clash terribly.
  3. Good idea! :smile:
    Im going to look online after work and come up with a idea, color scheme, and go from there!

    I just want to make the room relaxing and peaceful.... right now when I go in it just doesnt feel like a relaxing place to be.
  4. Bedding.... Once you have decided on bedding(comforter) then you can paint, add curtains or blinds and perhaps an area rug.
  5. I think paint, curtains and bedding is probably the best and cheapest way to update any room.
  6. We have bedding we really like, but I think we need to add more color to the room... maybe pillows or different color sheets...as of right now we have white sheets and a goldish color duvet over our down comforter and a red blanket...

    Should we paint each wall the same color, or maybe make the wall behind our bed a different color than all the other walls, or is that weird?!!
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    Having an accent wall is always a nice touch. You can also use wallpaper as an accent wall which makes a really nice impact. My SIL did it her bedroom and I love it. It's a really modern yet warm wall paper which matches the paint color. She got it from Benjamin Moore.
  8. I'm in agreement w/ the others. If you like your bedding, paint and accents can be updated. I like accent walls, too.
  9. I think the first thing that I would do, and I speak from experience, is to find an "inspiration piece".....like a print or a piece of art or even an area rug that has the colors that you are looking for. Then, I would pick up one of the softer colors in that "inspiration piece" and paint all four walls with that color. Once you do that, the rest is easy, and I'm talking bed covering and curtains. You'll be surprised what you can come up with after you do those first two things.
  10. find bedding you love, then paint one of your walls a complementary color!
  11. I think I would choose my wall color first and go from there. Paint makes such a big difference in any room.
  12. DH and I are doing this right now. I bought all new bedding (Calvin Klein) in the fall, and we're painting the walls to complement the colors in the bedding. I took a pillowcase with me to the paint store to get a good match. We won't be buying new furniture since it's too expensive so this will have to do!
  13. This is such a great idea! I never thought to do that! Thanks for the idea! Im going to check out some wall paper this weekend!

    Thanks everyone else too!!! I have some great ideas to get me started!!! We are going to check out lowes this weekend and grab some paint samples and see what colors we want to do!
  14. I posted about this before


    (hopefully the link works!)

    There are programs that you can upload pictures of your room (or whatever) to in order to try out different colors. It's pretty neat.

    I used software by these people but it looks like you'll have to register.


    I am sure, though, that there are similar applications out there. GL!