Want to "trade" out some LV's

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Which purse should I keep?

  1. Mono Canvas Large Looping

  2. Mono Canvas Babylone

  3. Mono Canvas Cabas Alto

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Ok, I have decided I am trading out some LV's in order to make room for some "upgrades" in styles. I am getting a graffetti Alma and hopefully a Suhali Le Fab. I find myself bombarded right now w/ shoulder bags apparently as I am stuck in a rut. Trying to decide which "larger" bag to keep as I don't need them all, may want them all, but do not need them all.

    all these are Mono Canvas purses...would you keep which one?

    A. Large Looping
    B. Babylone
    C. Cabas Alto

    I have decided to keep my for now my Amfar Three/Sharon Stone Purse and my Ellipse w/ strap. I am trying to narrow my Mono Canvas down a little. I listed my Drouot yesterday for sale. Please help me decide... the Babylone and the Cabas Alto look very similar to me in a lot of ways.. the looping is a little different and I tend to carry it and my Ellipse the most. Any input would be helpful and thank you all!
  2. voted for the large looping.
  3. Thanks bag... I do love the nice interior on the looping.
  4. I would keep the alto.
  5. I'd keep the looping since you use it the most out of the three. You'd probably miss it if it were gone!
  6. you have to keep the alto.
  7. Keep the Alto!
  8. Alto!!
  9. Also voted for the Alto (to keep)
  10. i would also vote for the alto
  11. I voted for the alto!:p
  12. Just a friendly reminder to everyone that buying/selling/transactions are not permitted unless you have been accepted in the Marketplaza.

    I say keep the Alto! :tup:
  13. I'd keep the Alto.
  14. I voted for the alto. Functional!
  15. I voted for the alto, it's such a great timeless piece that's good for travel. Don't hate me but I'm not a fan of the looping and I think the babylone is dated looking.