Want to trade City for City?

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  1. I thought I would give it a try. I purchased an 04' Lilac Balenciaga City from bertiebluebird a few weeks ago. Because I am a total computer dork I cant post pics. But I do have the auction # which is 6847399814 and it shows the bag in total detail. I am interested in trading if anyone would like. My first choice is white, but if you have another color you would like to trade just let me know.:love:
  2. I might want to, but I'm still thinking... How do you feel about the '05 red though?

    A pic
  3. Wow, that red is divine! :love:
  4. Wow, that red is stunning! :nuts: What a beautiful color.
  5. No doubt - :love: :love:

    Spiralsnowman - I have a black Chloe Silverado Dr bag, want to trade? :lol: :biggrin:
  6. omg! totally love the red!!!
  7. I have a dolma green city, but I have a hunch your lilac is in better shape than mine... If I found a calcaire or white city, would you be interested to swap?
  8. Hi ranskimmie!

    I love that lilac color, I wish I had one to trade ( I have a seafoam but I still love it) But how come you want to trade? Didn't you pay way above retail for it? It's a beauty!

  9. I would definetely want to trade for a white city. If you come across and still want to trade just let me know.;)
  10. How about a Gucci tote and an LV mini pleaty for a city?:shame:
  11. Hi,
    I did pay above retail. And the purse is very pretty. I waited so long to find this color, and so I jumped on it as soon as I saw it, regaurdless of the price. Dont get me wrong I really love the color but should have stuck with my gut instinct and went for the white. I would really love to have both but its a little to costly right now. Plus Im constantly changing my mind on every purse I own.:push:
  12. Hi!
    that is such a nice offer. But I am really hoping for a white city b-bag. Thanks so much though:biggrin:
  13. You guys!!!!! this is SO cute! TRADING? I feel like we are playing adult Barbie's!:lol::love:
  14. YOu're welcome! But if there's anyone out there who would like to trade, let me know. I would prefer a black box or a city. :shame:
  15. Oh my gosh! you are so funny:lol: I sware I am having so much fun on this forum!