Want to show off my Chanel premiere watch!

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  1. I purchased it in a 2nd hand shop in Japan for 64,908 yen so about $600USD! I think it’s a steal! The condition is really good! The back is engraved with copyright 1987, does that mean that’s the year it was made? I think it looks amazing for being over 30 years old! I’m in love!!

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  2. I know nothing about the date but, but congrats, it's so pretty!
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  3. Love the band! Congrats and enjoy!!
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  4. Lovely and elegant. Great choice!
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  5. That is so pretty!!! Great buy
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  6. Would you mind sharing where you got it? I am in japan right now!
  7. I got it from a store called Off House! Not every Off House has a high end section, but mine does. I live about an hour outside Tokyo, and I find prices to be inflated in the Tokyo Stores and much cheaper in the suburbs! You may also find luxury stuff in their sister shops like Mode Off and Book Off + (Not regular Book off). Its really hit or miss with what you will find too!
  8. congrats. it is beautiful.
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  9. Thank you for sharing! Will defo check it out!
  10. You make me want this watch so much! May I ask the size of your wrist and do you know if the watch can be adjusted for different wrist sizes?
  11. I think my wrist is about 17 CM. This is the M size and it just fits comfortably. It cannot be adjusted at all, so if your wrist is any bigger I would recommend getting the L size!
  12. It looks so elegant on your wrist. Congrats on this beauty.
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