Want to share this beauty......

  1. Just came in the mail from Greenjade and it's so lovely and FUN! "Le Temps des Marionnettes" by Annie Faivre

    (Sorry for the picture quality but it's overcast here and my camera wasn't set to where it SHOULD have been....ugh....)

    Marrionettes1.jpg Marionettes2.jpg Marionettes4.jpg
  2. She's absolutely gorgeous--and the pictures are very clear! I love Greenjade--she's a fantastic seller! Congrats!
  3. OMG I love the colors!!! Gorgeous! :drool:
  4. You.

    I need a drink.
  5. I just loved the puppets......it's such a fun scarf! I'm out the door in a moment and threw it on with jeans and a greay sweater and it just brightens everything up.....
  6. that's a gorgeous scarf, D! where's the chocolate box????? is it coming in a diff. shipment?????
  7. I looooove the blue one...I am about to do a very *smal* reveal....trying to figure out where to post it...it's not the complete collection, just a taste (everything's at the spa! LOL)
  8. WHOA! Hold the phone....what Chocolate box???
  9. Great scarf S'mom!!! Greenjade rocks!
  10. That is beautiful. OMG. The color looks amazing.
    Such an artfully-delicious piece.

    Do all Annie Faivre scarves have the little monkey???
    Does this one? Can you photo it???

    Thats all the questions for now. ;)

    Hope DD is feeling better soon!!
  11. This would work so well with your beautiful and classic outfits!!
  12. GORGEOUS D!!!!!!

    CB - yes, All Annie's designs have the monkey. I'll let D find it!!

    Beautiful colours, great choice!!
  13. That is gorgeous... Wear it in good health and enjoy..
  14. SO GORGEOUS!!!:love:
  15. You've all inspired me to buy my kellys some twillys. Look out H! Here I come!