Want to share spring/summer 2008 color swatch

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  1. Hi Ladies~ :yes:
    I just found this pic from other website and wanted to share with you ladies.
    That's a shame if you ladies already knew. :sweatdrop:
    Even though the pic is not a good condition, I guess I will love to have bubble guam color. What a lovely color!!
    What color do you like most? Please share with me.

    Spring/Summer 2008:
    Thyme-similar to Sage green less olive tone
    Electric Blue-gorgeous bright blue
    Baby Blue-a light powdery blue (darker than sky blue)
    Pale Magenta-like a softer fuchsia, very different from ’05 Magenta
    Petal Pink-soft feminine, perfect shade of pink
    Sahara-cream bisque, similar to sandstone
    Collection Colors 2008:
    Coral Red-bright and beautiful true coral red
    Electric Turquoise-intense turquoise,(milkier than aquamarine)
    Fluorescent Yellow-extreme color, very bright yellow…very fun!
  2. I believe this exact information was posted on tPF by a well respected member...Nonetheless, there is plenty of discussion on the new SS08 colours on the main Balenciaga section. You are quite welcome to join us! Yes, we are all excited about all of these colours!
  3. Yes ... right here...I had to go to the 3rd page to find it...so no wonder you didn't see it!


    Also, click on the below thumbnail for a super-sized version of the swatch pic:


    Oh, and here's a bag in the bubblegum pink color (click to enlarge):

  4. gonna close this since it's a dup thread :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.