Want to share my new purchase with you...planet/boobie....

  1. .....clip on pod in marron. Its sooooo cute!!

    What do you put in yours?

  2. Missed a pic....

  3. its so cute!! congrats !!
  4. Congrats.:yahoo: I guess you can put your change, lip gloss or keys in it (what ever fits in there). It is cute.:p
  5. Really cute. I want to hug it. :smile:
  6. I keep stroking it!!
  7. It's so adorable:nuts: ! What a great addition!
  8. Boobalicious!! Lovely, congrats!!
    Uses: ipod shuffle - change - keys
  9. cute boobie!
  10. Congrats. It is cute! :smile:
  11. Super cute, Fred&Ginger!:love: Congrats!:flowers:
  12. those boobies are starting to grow on me (pardin the pun) :p
  13. F&G, WHERE did you manage to find a boobie? Gorgy, gorgy, gorgy...
  14. [​IMG]


    Fred&Ginger : Wat a great find! I love ur new planet/boobie~~I have one but in white but i prefer urs in marron....:sad: In fact, i'm still lookin for planet/boobie but still no valid...anyway, i used it to hook on one of my bbag that matches with it:graucho:
  15. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    What a great boobie! Did you find it in the UK??