Want to sell my Ledbury - advice please!!!

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  1. I have this Ledbury, which I want to sell.

    It the first time I sell one of my designer bags, so I would be most grateful for some advice.

    The bag is of course authentic and purchased in the Mulberry shop in Copenhagen Airport for DKK 3990 which is approximately 758 USD. At that time the price was the same in the Mulberry shop in town. Now I have seen on mulberry.com that the price for a Ledbury has went down around 150 USD!!!

    The bag is 2 years old and used no more than 10 times, so it shows only very little wear.

    I have the original dust bag and receipt.

    How much do you think I could expect on eBay?
    What start price should I choose?
    Is it better to list it on eBay.com or eBay.co.uk?

    TIA for any advice and suggestions! :flowers:
  2. Lovely bag!
    I would suggest Ebay.co.uk as they sell more Mulberry and there seems to be more demand for it compared with the US site.
    A starting price of around £100 seems reasonable, expecting this to perhaps go up to £150-200. However, although the coconut is a lovely colour, a black, chocolate or oak bag may perhaps fetch more as these are generally the most popular colours. Good luck!
  3. Thanks a lot! I have had the same thoughts and it is good to hear that you agree!
  4. Anybody else who has tips and ideas?
  5. I edited your post.
    We're very strict about how much info you can post when inquiring about selling help. The more info you post the more it implies or seems that you're soliciting sales here.
  6. Well, I am NOT trying to sell it here! I think that was very clear as I asked if I should sell it on ebay.co.uk or ebay.com!

    Could you please at least add that the color is called coconut - as Miss_K says the color means something for the price.
  7. Hi Lyra. Now I got all confused - where have you seen ledbury's at that price? As far as I can tell they are still selling at £295 in shops and online, although your colour is a season colour and not so much in demand as the classic oak and chocolate. Still a cute bag, and the coconut color is in my opinion so much better for a Ledbuy than a Bayswater, which you're more inclined to put on the floor where it's way too sensitive to catch dirt :smile:
  8. Hi, I just bought a Ledbury off ebay.
    Whilst looking over a couple of weeks the prices seem to be between £150 to £210.
    They are quite hard to come by so hopefully you'll get a good price.
    Mine was 6 months old and I bought early on a buy it now for £190.
    I'm sure I may have got it for about £170 but it was just what I'd been looking for, so you may find someone is pining for your coconut one??
  9. Thanks a lot for you replies!

    sidsel-jo - I paid the high price in Copenhagen Airport. It is the same company who is running the Mulberry shop in Copenhagen City, so the price in town was the same. Strange that it is so much cheaper now...
  10. You don't happen to be Danish by any chance? ;) I'm from Copenhagen myself, and if you're danish, I can give you some extra tips regarding where you could also consider selling your bag - there's a few good websites but as they're all in danish, you kinda have to be from here to use them :smile:
  11. Yes, I am Danish :smile:

    Do you think of Trendsales? I am not very happy with that page - I think there is too much talking and too many unserious people......
  12. Hej Lyra - ja, jeg taenkte på trendsales. Jeg er ogsaa selv lidt traet af siden, men i det mindste slipper du for de helt vilde gebyrer, som ebay bruger? Staar også selv med en bayswater som jeg skal af med, og jeg er ved at vaere traet af at sende billeder til folk, som aldrig reagerer - men igen, dét er vist også noget som sker meget på ebay. Et alternativ kunne vaere at få en luksus secondhand butik til at saelge den for dig? Det er let men de tager som reglen 40% i komission, men du har i det mindste intet besvaer med teenagepiger paa trendsales :rolleyes:
  13. You should by all means mention when you bought it! In my experience the leather of the bags made some years ago is much nicer and thicker than that of the current ones which might explain why these are selling for less, and knowledgeable collectors would be familiar with that. If it has a tag showing where it was made (not all of them do), you might mention this as well.
    Med venlige hilser (I had to learn a bit of Danish for a job, but I don't speak it very well).
  14. Jeg ville prøve at sælge den på trendsales først! Det kan godt være der er mange uduelige købere derinde, men som sidsel-jo skriver så slipper du for de gebyrer ebay har, og det synes jeg bestemt er værd at tage med.

    Held og lykke med salget!
  15. Haha, godt at se at vi er så mange danske piger herinde! ;)

    And to everybody else - sorry about the Danish. We're a tiny tiny country so it's always fun and a bit surprising when you happen to run into so many other Danes on a international site :flowers: