Want to sell LV Speedy on ebay need advice

  1. I just bought a brand new LV Mono Speedy 35 and now I need to sell my older Mono Speedy 35 and I need some advice. I have attached the picture of my older Mono 35 and it still looks wonderful, but I had my initials stamped on one of the side handles and I was wondering if anyone knows if I should get that taken off by LV and about how much that would cost? Or should I just try to sell it on eBay with my initials? Thanks
  2. I guess no one will give me any advice. Thanks alot;
  3. I wouldn't bother doing anything about the initials, just make sure you're real clear about them being there and include a picture. If you really want to go the extra mile, call your local shop and ask them how much it would cost. You would probably need to find the cost to replace the handles. But I would try selling it first -- someone who buys is may not care about the initials being on the inside of the handle. Good luck!
  4. Be patient -- not many of us on the west coast are up before 8am on a Sunday!
  5. Crikey talk about impatient......you only waited 45 minutes.....

    As for the initials I would see if LV can get them removed as I would never buy an item like that with someones initials on
  6. Yes, your both right I'm sorry I'm being impatient this morning. I'm just upset because I had sold some Jimmy Choo shoes on eBay last Wed, and the winner bidder has not gotten back to any of my emails or paid me. So I guess when I got onto my email this morning and saw that there was still no payment or response from the winner I got upset. I really want to sell my older Monogram speedy too, but I'm starting to get very upset with eBay now. Thanks for everyones advice and I will learn to be more patient.
  7. How high was the winning bidders feedback? I'm in the same situation as you, waiting for three auction payments from last week......I don't understand why people don't pay, if I win an auction I pay as soon as it ends because I want my item!!
  8. Unfortunately a lot of buyers these days are taking advantage of the fact that eBay gives them 7 days to pay. You'll be able to file a non-paying bidder complaint after the 7 days passes. I can't tell you how many buyers I've had lately that wait until the last possible second to pay.

  9. The winning bidder has feeback of 27 and 2 negative feedback. I thought for sure she would have paid by now or at least responded to my emails. I'm sorry to hear about your situation too. I also pay as soon as I win an auction. I'm starting to get very upset with ebay and bidders that do not respond to email. I hope you receive your payments from last week. Good luck.
  10. Yep you too! Make sure you file her as a non-paying bidder as soon as the 7 days are up!!
  11. Tough spot. If you sell with the initials still on, I think you will have to discount significantly for that. Just MHO, though. If you're not OK with cutting the price to account for the personalization, then I would advise trying to have LV remove them.
  12. I'm getting tired of non paying bidders too.

    maybe you can list a fixed price-buy it now, or best offer auction. You have an option there if someone decides to buy it now, they have to pay immediately with paypal. If they don't then the item still is available for sale.

    Thats the only way i sell now! There are just tooo many scammers nowadays to list traditional auctions on high end items. And although ebay has all their policies, they never do anything IRL.
  13. what are your initials? someone with the same may take a fancy to it.......BUT show that the initials are there when you list the bag, so it won't be returned.....and maybe stick in a bonus gift for buyer!

    Just my humble opinion.....