Want to see what jaune looks like? This is the thread for you

  1. Here are pics of my jaune work in comparison to caramel 05, sandstone and mastic. I also put a mustard bottle and an orange in there to show you how much closer the color leans towards the orange spectrum than the yellow.

    I also took a bunch of pics of it next to various colors in my wardrobe to give you guys an idea of what it looks like next to certain colors (so you can guess if it will work well in your wardrobe). I don't wear a lot of pastels and brights, so sorry if I wasn't able to get comparison pics next to a color you wear a lot of.

    More to come.
    jaune1.jpg jaune2.jpg jaune3.jpg jaunewardrobe.jpg jaunewardrobe1.jpg
  2. WoW... it definitely glows!!! :nuts: love the mustard bottle & orange for comparison. Its beautiful!:tup: cOnGrats!
  3. Great thread - thank you ever so much :heart:

    I see what you mean.....Jaune certainly appears more orangey :yes:
  4. Hmmm - that is not quite what I was expecting when I ordered either. Definitely orange not yellow. Like you I need to mull this over.
  5. Thanks circoit. I was wondering if it truly looked like marigolds and it does from this photo. It looks closer to an orange color than yellow.
  6. I forgot to mention the miscellaneous bag I put in the comparison pics. That is my beloved Hogan Pan Am. It came the closest in color to the Jaune, but is a darker version of it. It helps to have it in there cause it shows off the intensity of the jaune.
    jauunewardrobe3.jpg jaunewardrobe4.jpg jaunewardrobe5.jpg
  7. i think its gorgeous!!! very rich warm yellow..definetely a keeper!!! :nuts::tup:
  8. Different, isn't it? I mean, its a really cool color and I will definitely be keeping it, but there's a part of me thats sad that it isn't more yellow. I wasn't expecting a bright yellow by any means, but I wasn't expecting orange either...
  9. I want to see it being worn. Any change of a proud posing owner photo?
  10. Thank you so much for all these pictures! I actually LOVE Jaune and am really glad I have my name down for a First. I didn't want taxi-cab yellow. This looks beautiful, and the leather on your bag is just lovely!

    Thanks again for the pictures; they're very helpful.
  11. Oh my, it's really bright! I'm secretly considering on getting a Jaune Work (since my Ocean SGH isn't going to happend :crybaby:)

    Thanks for the pics, now I really have some serious decision making to do within the next hour :sweatdrop::sweatdrop::sweatdrop:
  12. I actually really love that shade. Thank you so much for the pics!
  13. Holy :nuts:!!! That bag ROCKS!!!! Conrgats, LOOOVE :heart: the color!!!!
  14. Oh great! thanks a bunches! very helpful :biggrin: I looove the color!
  15. Wow! Thanks for posting these pics! It really gives me perspective on what color it is. I didn't realize it was going to be so warm. It's such a rich, bright color. I hope this one is a keeper! It does work really well as a bright neutral, if that makes any sense!