Want to see what I got in the sale?


Dec 3, 2008
OK, coming rather late to the party. Here is my sale purchase - the ink patent leather Bayswater clutch. The cat's name is Pummie.

This bag and I have a slightly rocky relationship. The way its flap sits when it's not sufficiently full is a bit funny. The dark leather is very smart-looking, but I fear it's a bit too conservative for someone my age. I prefer it to the coral leopard print which I have rehomed, but it looks as office-appropriate as a pair of sensible flats. Also, the degree to which the patent leather picks up fingerprints and smudges is a pain. That doesn't seem to be the case with my purple patent Bays.

That said, it is beautiful, classic, useful and the silver hardware is a bonus. I tried tying on a scarf to make it look a bit more funky and that has helped.

Thoughts, Mulberry ladies?


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Jan 24, 2009
I know exactly where you're at with this one. I ordered one from the web site sale last month and deliberated long and hard before sending it back because it just wasn't me. I agree with your summing up but that said it is a stunningly beautiful bag. Since retiring I don't need too many 'smart' bags and I didn't think this one suited casual too well. Loving your pussy cat!


Jan 1, 2010
I also think you could wear it with jeans and I think the clutch is a great size. I recently got a Bays Clutch and I do love it and will probably go for another one at some time in the future.

The scarf or a keyring will lighten it's appearance, if you are concerned that it's too conservative.

I have had the same thoughts about fingerprints when I looked at this particular bag in shops. A soft little shammy cloth carried in the bag would probably be useful for getting rid of fingerprints?

I would imagine that it was still quite expensive to get in Oz and I think you have to really love your bags when they cost a lot of money. You don't sound "in love!" if you don't mind me saying?


Jan 2, 2010
It is a beautiful looking bag and i love the colour but i would say that if it is not TOTAL love for you then it might be best to return it/sell it on? The only one of my bags that i did not love on sight was oak mitzy messenger. i kept her because i knew she would be a real useful workhorse for me. She is exactly that and the love grew and is now v. strong, lol. I think what i'm saying is that if you do not love it have you any other good reason to keep it? Does it fit a hole in your collection? Will it be a really useful/easy to use bag? etc

Good luck deciding! xx