Want to see what all was in my closet? PICS

  1. Okay ,
    I decided to day to take a group shot (M.I A is a LAMB Mandeville that is in layaway) and thought I would share. Some are going and some are staying but I love them all :lol: I dont how how to post a photo that you can click on and it enlarges for you guys :confused1:

    Sorry photos are not that good but my bedroom is a dark Red and Gold and I take photos in my kitchen most of the time because lighting is better there.

  2. WOW! You have a truly AMAZING collection!!! Thanks so much for posting!!!
  3. Amazing.. I want to take a collection pic but mine is always changing!
  4. You have a great collection! I bought my sister that exact Isabella Fiore bag and wallet for Christmas, it's so cute, she loves it! Thanks for sharing!!:tup:
  5. Beautiful collection..thanks for sharing!!
  6. Going try this, hope it works PLEASE bare with me...lol

  7. holy moly! that is a lot of purses!!! lol
  8. SORRY I TRIED...:shame: but do not know how to do the attached tumbnail so you guys can enlarge
  9. WOW!!!.. thats a awesome collection!!!
  10. Oh what a FABULOUS collection! Are you so loving the pink tie dye Coach? Please post a close up of it!!!
  11. OH
    I :heart: my I.F. set!!! You are a very nice SWEET sister :tup:

  12. SURE... Here ya go
  13. Very beautiful collection!
  14. Beautiful!!!

  15. haha me too! I'm like...ok today I'll do it...but I buy something else