Want to see my spys?

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  1. Hi,
    I have been wanting to show everyone my spys for sometime but have had awful trouble trying to srink the pictures to fit.
    So I am trying again, if they have not come out or gone wrong again sorry:crybaby:

    The pictures should show my lovely bubbly Cherry, my Petrol and my super bubbly Chocolate. Waiting for my laterst purchase - my Honey Wisteria - to come should be here next week. I did have a Cognac which I bought from Selfridges but decided it was not bubbly enough for me, so might buy another Cognac if I find a really bubbly one on eBay or on here

    Well enjoy them:wlae:
    130_3030.JPG 130_3031.JPG 130_3033.JPG 130_3034.JPG
  2. Ya looks like it worked. (I can be so thick at times its frightening)
  3. Wauw the cherry spy is TDF:wtf:
    You have a great collection of spys. Absolutely love the cherry and the petrol!
    And man that chocolate is bubbly:graucho:
    Thanks for sharing!
  4. :yahoo: Saich your collection is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have the very rare CHERRY!! One of my favourite Spies! :drool: Once you get the honey wisteria your collection will be perfect....all my favourite colours, so glad you managed to post some pics, they have really cheered me up today! :love:

  5. So glad my spys made you smile. Yes the Cherry is to die for, soooooooooo bubbly, cannot wait for the Wisteria, and I am hoping the new spys out this coming season will have a green one in it, then it would be perfect
  6. I'm with you on the longing for a green Spy! Fingers crossed Fendi will be good to us next year!:yes:
  7. Wow, they are all so gorgeous!!
  8. Beautiful collection Saich :drool: Your cherry spy is TDF!!!
  9. Thanks for sharing Saich! Your collection is gorgeous - and that cherry :drool::love:
  10. wow, beautiful collection! :biggrin:
  11. Agreed! Nice Spy collection!
  12. I love spy bags. Your bags are beautiful, this forum is going to get me in BIG trouble. must not look..must not look:cry:
  13. Saich, your colorful, bubbly Spys are soooooooooo beautiful! I Love the rich colors! I really, REALLY need to wean myself off tPF. It's really gonna put me in some serious credit card debt. Your Spy photos have triggered the urge to buy more Spys! No, I already had the urge to get MORE Spys. Now, I want more AND more! That's not good. :shocked: :shame:
  14. WOW! NOW I want a cherry spy..LOL!
  15. Thanks for sharing, they are gorgeous!!