Want to see my new construction?

  1. Love it so far. Can't wait for more pictures!
  2. THANK YOU, thank you everyone!!!! Sorry, I haven't been here. I'm an accountant and it is crunch time at work. Only about 15 more days though.

    Back to pictures....

    Seeing brick on the house was so exciting. You won't believe how many miles and houses I drove by looking at brick. I was nervous because the brick company only had one other house that had used grey mortar instead of white with this particular brick.
    I didn't really care for it, but the mortar was already ordered and my husband didn't want any delays. I feel though the mortar looked different on the other house. I'm happy we stuck with the grey, even though I kind of had no other choice.
  3. [​IMG]


    painted cabinets (learning to like them more everyday). I hated them the first time I saw them. Electricity makes a huge difference, I actually like them more now, well, like them at all.
  4. [​IMG]

    This is a whole slab of granite, barely had enough. Everyone's first reaction is "omg is the island big enough?". The plans actually had a rounded island. When the cabinet guy sketched everything out on the floor it looked like I would have barely any counter space so we changed the shape. Then it seemed unproportionate with the dining room, so we made it larger. I didn't even realize how large it was until the granite was on.

  5. Verrrrrryyyy NICE!!! How exciting!
  6. Awesome looks. I really like all picture and your project.
  7. Beautiful house, and I love the STI too! I couldn't help but spot it in that one pic lol.
  8. Wow, this is a huge pretty house. Love the island in the kitchen.
  9. Beautiful home. Congrats and i am so happy for you. I can just smell the newness of the house ;)
  10. Wow!!!! Your home is beautiful!

    Please share when it's done, can't wait to see the final product!
  11. good looking house, I love the night shot with car park in front of it. Reminds me of those real estate magazine cover :yes: Can't wait to see more pictures~
  12. ooh, love this thread! And that granite is divine! Could you tell us what kind it is?

  13. Thank you!!! The granite is Golden Lapidus.
  14. Thank you! It's like a new car smell, right? lol.
  15. Impressive looks, Outstanding home. I really like your home..