Want to see my new baby? Coach is all sold out, LOL :)

  1. Here is my new baby and one of Chloe' again. SORRY girls Coach is all sold out :p
    She is 10 weeks old and is going to be around the 3-4 pounds if even that. I must admit that Chloe' is having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to Bindi but we will just have to see, Chloe' is 2 today (Happy Birthday Baby) and is use to be the only baby around this place... well other than me :roflmfao:


  2. OMG!!! She is so cute!!! I have wanted a yorkie for the longest time but I've got three rambunctious kids, a mean old cat, and a 2 year old cavalier. Poor thing wouldn't last long! Bindi is adorable, as is Chloe!!!
  3. I'm retarded.......I'm looking for something Coach.......:roflmfao:
  4. OMG!!!! So cute!!!!
  5. You totally are NOT cos I was doing the same thing!
  6. hahaha...they are priceless!!!
  7. [​IMG]
    OMG! Could she be any more adorable! :love::love:
  8. Thanks Gals... Chloe' and Bindi send their :love:
    I am sad to say though that a lady is coming to look at Bindi Sat.... I am not sure what to do because Miss Chloe' is so jealous of Bindi, Chloe' dont try to hurt her but is acting different towards us :crybaby: and its been almost three weeks since we got Bindi. SORRY had to vent, SIGH
  9. How adorable!!!! :tup: We almost got a yorkie but got a mini dachshund instead.

  10. Good way to get your attention :roflmfao: It worked :graucho:
  11. ME TOO! And I was trying to figure out if Coach made stuffed animals for some event or something.. JEEEZ

    Cute doggie!
  12. I had Yorkies my whole life (my mom LOVES them)...we had Muffin, then Nicholas, and now Sydney. I was seriously thinking about getting a Yorkie, but my husband really wanted a Min Pin, so that's what we went with (and I got a mini schnauzer too, b/c I had one of those as a kid too, and LOVED him)...but MAN, is she CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE! I so adore the little delicate ones. Sydney (my mom's now) is a hearty little guy...cute too, but really stocky and sturdy! Not delicate, dancer-like, like yours (and Nicholas). Ugh, now I want a Yorkie! :smile:

  13. Actually Coach does make a teddy bear with a Pink sig. bow...lol :smile:
  14. Soooo cute! :love:
  15. What a cutie!! I was actually looking for a coach dog carrier in the pic lol