Want to see my LV?

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  1. I just went to the store looking for Alma but ended up with this[Alma is sold out within 3 days].
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Can't see the pic hun?
  4. i am trying to find out how to post my image.can you help me?
  5. try this -- in the reply box at the bottom, click on Go Advanced. Then on the next page, click Manage Attachments to attach your photo.
  6. I'm here....:whistle::popcorn::whistle::popcorn:
  7. :useless:
  8. :couch::couch:
  9. We want to see your new bag.
  10. Awww..hope she figures it out soon, coz we want to see!
  11. I am very sorry for this delay. I can't wait to show my new bag but i have a problem with posting it.I tried it several times but i keep getting "Upload failed" message.I sent a message to the administrator but i didn't hear from them.First i thought the message is because of the higher resolution but when i saw other people's beautiful images of their purchases, i am sure resolution is not the problem.I will surely figure it out and post the picture.
  12. Finally i am submitting the ppictures.Comments please.

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  13. Yay! It finally worked for you...beautiful purse - congrats!
  14. congrats! lovely bag