Want to see my favortie bag in the world? And it's a Fendi.

  1. Here she is... this is the reason why I'm now a purse addict. On account of this bag, I have received several bagnapping threats from friends and coworkers. The Man thinks this is the most striking bag he's ever seen. It's very simple, and yet it kills me every time I look at it. :love:
    CIMG0569.JPG CIMG0570.JPG CIMG0576.JPG
  2. Wow thats some bag Deco, what size is it and does it have a name? Never seen one like it. Really beautiful a real "show stopper".
  3. ^thanks Saich! Here are some more pics to show size. I don't carry much in my bag, so this is big enough as an everyday bag for me. The design (especially the chain handle) suggests that it's more of an evening or special occassion, but it's too beautiful not to carry it more often. So I don't keep it in hiding! I break most fashion rules :supacool: .
    CIMG0598.JPG CIMG0599.JPG
  4. Deco what a great bag! Very unusual and a certain head turner I can see why it's your favourite!
  5. Great bag! Do you happen to know what season it is from? A few years back I went to Fendi Beverly Hills and was absolutely floored by the gorgeous studded bags I saw in so many colors and styles. I am still kicking myself for walking away empty handed. Your bag is reminiscent of those wonderful bags--just wish I could remember if it was spring 2001 or 2002...or... A date would be very helpful when searching on eBay!
  6. OMG...I think I might have just blacked out for a second while beholding the loveliness of that bag!! What year???
  7. all i can think is :drool:
  8. :wtf:
  9. Wow, beautiful! I see why you have to hang on tight to this one among other bag lovers...
  10. I remember seeing this bag on Kathryn Zeta Jones and Gwyneth Paltrow and thinking DANG!!! THAT IS ONE HOT BAG!!! You wear it well, Deco!!! Thank you for sharing pics!!!:flowers:
  11. awwwwwwwwww veeeeeeery unique Bag ... i love it ..

    Congrats dear ...

  12. Thanks everyone for loving this bag with me. I have such an emotional attachment to it, it's ridiculous! It's the bag that launched a thousand bag purchases for me!

    Valerie, I'm not sure what year it's from. I bought it from a consignment store and just about fell over myself in my rush to grab it. The best way to search for these on ebay is with searching for "studded Fendi". I've seen other Fendis on ebay in exactly this half moon/crescent shape, but they were all leather and no studs.

    I don't know much about this style. All I know is that I love it to bits. I'd love it just as much if it were K Mart brand. It's one of those bags that's dripping in character and attitude. :love: Love!
  13. Wow that bag is special! :heart: Another great find Deco! :yes:
  14. beautiful!!!