Want to see my 'books' ??

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  1. Things are really not going so fast here! :biggrin: So..I thought I could share my little collection of 'books'!

    I have some books for fun and some are serious ! :graucho:

    Soon a new addition will arrive..and if I squeeze a bit, there will be space..or not !

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  2. OMG I love it. The colors are SO pretty!
  3. OMG! So very very pretty bonnie!
  4. :drool:
  5. Oooooh.... wishing for a library like yours!
  6. What are these ? Angel Purses? Do you use them all?
  7. guessing game in Bonnie's closet! I thought they were too long for angel purses, I thought they were the bottoms of her kiss mes.
  8. I think they're Kiss Me's. So pretty!
  9. Yep, Kiss me's!

    Second row from the left: Mottled Gold, Pewter, Choco matte, Tan matte, Dark Purple Glossy,Petrol sheen (Winter type)

    First Row from left: Plum Crash,Kiwi sheen, Apple sheen, Red Glossy, Yellow Glossy and Pearlised Pebble Cream!

    I'll be adding my BE collection little by little on this thread..though I'm afraid it'll never be complete as I do give away and borrow to others..BUT..what I at the moment have at home will be shown !

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  10. Thanks all..Yes, pollux.. I use them all!
  11. I want to hug all your Kiss Me's! I love the Kiss Me
  12. Love them!!! Such variety!!

    And I will be stalking this thread!! I have been waiting for you to take pictures of all your beauties!!
  13. LOVE THESE! I would absolutely die for an apple green KM. But I guess the only way to get one is to get a group together. Your pictures are gorgeous ... love seeing them all stacked up like that.
  14. They are gorgeous Bonnie! I was talking with Allysar on another thread about how super the Kiss Mes were. I've only got pewter and kiwi but I love them both so much. I would love a red glossy, and gold and.... well I'd love as many as you have :nuts:
  15. We really should have more Kissie bespokes, y'all. It's the only way to get those darn cute little things. And they are so USEFUL! BonnaBonnBonn, your collection is incredible. I want more Kissies now! Don't forget to check the BE Shopping Threads to see what bespokes are going on!