Want to see a TEAL reveal? Nikki inside!

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  1. My Teal Nikki arrived today! She's soft, pliable and oh-so-squishy! I have to admit the smell is a bit off putting. The glazing scent is strong, almost plastic-y. My DBF said it smells "fake," whatever that means. But I can deal with it considering how beautiful and luscious the leather is. And, to add to the hype, Teal is SO LIGHT! I can imagine it'll be easy to carry her unlike my Old School Navy or Wine, which are heavier and thicker. Teal is along the lines as Concord; barely feels like I'm carrying her. She definitely reminds me of coveted Bal leather --- distressed, smooshy and GORGEOUS! :yahoo:

    I didn't get to take any photos outside in natural light so bear with me. My living room has a yellow hue to it (I think it's the lamp light) so this is the best I could do!
  2. woohoo, teal Nikki sounds delicious :drool: pics pics pics please!!
  3. I am here! Let's see!!!
  4. Sorry --- can't include the pics directly in the posting!

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  5. Oh man oh man oh man.

    Isn't TEAL just a-mazing? Gorgeous TN tres ;)
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    Comes with black and white floral lining :love:

    Teal 23JPG.JPG

    Teal 5.JPG

    Teal 6.JPG

  7. Anna, All I can say about the Teal leather is: :drool:
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    Here's a shot without flash though I can't say this is true-to-life. It's much more dull than Teal IRL which has more green undertones and is far brighter than this picture conveys.

    Teal 7.JPG
  9. Wow, that teal leather is stunning in a nikki! Congrats!!
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    A few extra pics...studding details and a snapshop of my pup waiting for the photo shoot to be done :smile:
    Teal 9.JPG

    Teal 10.JPG

    Teal 11.JPG
  11. :drool: looks at that smoosh and HW :drool: Congrats!

    ETA: ahh your pup is too cute!!
  12. Holy Crap--Look at that baby smoosh right out of the box!!!! :wtf: Oooohhhh, she's gorgeous!!! I love her!! Congratulations! I just wish I could justify teal with the colors I wear. . .
  13. OMG. sooo gorgeous!!! i really love the distressed look of teal leather. congrats on your super fabulous nikki!!

    and your pup is just so adorable!! thats def my fav pic. :biggrin:
  14. gorgeous! which picture would you say is the best representation of the color of teal in real life??
  15. I love the picture of the Nikki with your puppy! :love: