Want to see a pretty Gucci?

  1. I had such a hard time finding the black with red/green I REALLY wanted, finally snagged one on Bluefly with a code and it came today.

    The hardware looks silver in my pics but is gunmetal - a nice touch. I love the way the trim is dimensional. It has a little lock and pendant on a chain. A nice big bag too, lovin' it. :love:

    It joins my chocolate Guccissima horsebit and Mandarin/GG brown Gucci bags and a few vintage ones too.
  2. That is a beautiful bag!! I got the beige one from Bluefly a few months ago. I've been watching Bluefly and the bag has popped in and out from time to time. It's a great deal with the coupon and rebates. Congrats.
  3. Gorgeous bag! Congrats! I contemplated getting that bag too from bluefly!
  4. oh i love it!
  5. Beautiful bag:love: ... it's not fair, bluefly discount codes only apply to US residents! Besides missing all the good bags, I can't even qualify for the discount! Congrats on your find!
  6. That's such a classy looking bag!!! Congrats!!!
  7. So nice! I much prefer the black on black logo to the beige/ brown; it just seems so much more classy, as in less LOOK-AT-ME! I OWN A GUCCI! Very refined.
  8. Very Cute!
  9. really pretty!
  10. that's beautiful! and i love the charms
  11. :amuse: REALLY nice!
  12. drool...love it!
  13. I loves it!!! Gucci is so divine!
  14. Beautiful! :love:
  15. my mom has this bag, it's gorgeous!
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