Want to see a Baby Hawk?

  1. Our friend works with hawks, falcons, and eagles. He brought over a baby hawk yesterday and I snapped some pictures. It was so gentle and sweet. :heart: I have more pics in my blog:


    And here is a tiny tiny frog from my yard
  2. awwww how cute! just don't let the hawk near the frog, that might go badly...
  3. Ohhhhhhhh that hawk is beautiful!!! Cute frog too! Thanks for sharing!:love: :love:
    My cat caught a frog last night (we've got around 6 or 7 in our garden) because it was raining heavily...the frogs come out to play and the cats can't resist..:huh::shocked:
  4. awww! that is sooo cute!!!!!!!!! We have a local sanctuary com into the shopping centre where one of my shops is & they bring all the rescued BoP. They always have a massive crowd around them! I love to look at them they really are magnificent animals.
  5. Ooooh adorable :love: Thanks for sharing!!!

    I used to have frogs as a kid :lol: Good times :biggrin:
  6. Wow! I've never had an opportunity to see a baby hawk before! What an awesome pic! Thanks so much for posting it!
  7. It's so cute. Thanks, Japster.
  8. That baby hawk is so cute! Look at its face... awww!!

    We have frogs in our yard too. They come out mostly when it rains. Then my Jack Russels rip them up.:cry: Sorry to all who are frog lovers..
  9. aww too cute
  10. how cute the baby hawk is. thanks for sharing the pics.
  11. i agree;)
  12. I just love baby animals! thanks for posting. Its not every day you see a young hawk like that...
  13. baby hawks are so cute. We have a family of coopers hawks in my yard and its fun to watch the babies learn to hunt.
  14. aw, cute! the frog is adorable, too. so tiny!
  15. That hawk is beautiful!!!

    We used to raise frogs like that from tadpoles...it was so neat to see them grow legs and eventually start hopping around.