Want to save up for a watch for my dbf

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  1. I know absolutley nothing about men watches, but would like to give my fiancee a nice, good quality watch as a big well done! He has worked so hard for us in a investment bank. I dont have too much money myself as he is the one with the bigger income, but i dont mind saving (but it cant be a rolex :P)

    I know he has been talking about Tag Heuer, are they expensive?
    I would like to spend on something good, something he can keep for a long time. But not too expensive either... (Im thinking around 1700 pounds/2500 dollars)

    What do you think i should get?


    The love of my life and me :biggrin:
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  3. This is a little more - $2880. But it's DAYUM sexy!

    Omega Planet Ocean
  4. If he's a banker, get something classy and not common. Try looking at Nomos. It's not well known as Tag or Omega (this is more like a brand that only watch enthusiasts know) but they beat the pants off any 2500 dollars Tag/Omega inside out.
    They're German handmade.

    But if you wanna go with something with mainsteam name, I'd much rather have Omega than a Tag. Maybe an Aqua Terra.
  5. SO sweet!! COngrats on your engagement and I'm sure he will like whatever you get. I'd get Omega over Tag but that's just a personal preference.
  6. Best bet is to swing him by your local higher-end department store or jewelry store with a good Swiss watch collection and see what he gravitates to.

    If the man wants a TAG, get him a TAG. :smile:
  7. Get him a TAG - you can definitely find one in the price range you provided.
  8. [​IMG]



    GOOD LUCK!!!!