Want to return a watch and re-buy immediately

  1. Is this wrong? My dream watch finally appeared on o...stock and because I have a store credit and coupon, wanted to order from them. However, I had seen the same watch on a different site for a lower price (approximately 10% less) and was hoping to take advantage of their 'best price guarantee' to bring the watch price down and then have an additional 10% taken off. I actually checked with one of their reps to make sure this is how it would work and they assured me it was, only that I would be getting a store credit for the difference as opposed to price matching at point of purchase. I was fine with that.

    Now, I find out that they won't honor the price guarantee as I ended up paying less than I would have (only because of my store credit) such that I'm out of luck. :tdown: I tried cancelling my order but it was too late. To make things more complicated, the website now has prices reduced by 10% such that I would get my 10% plus my 10% coupon which ultimately saves me close to $300. I tried talking with another rep but got nowhere, even when I said I would likely return and rebuy and save real dollars as opposed to receiving store credit.

    Finally, to the point. Is it wrong for me to return the watch unopened (I haven't even received it yet) and reorder under my husband's name and credit card to save the extra $?

    Thanks and sorry for the long-winded question!
  2. No, I would go a head with it, As long as the watch can be re-sold then there is no problem. :smile:
  3. Thanks Socialite. At the urging of my husband, I tried using the phone to speak, as opposed to type, with a representative in an attempt to avoid gaming the system. It worked! After being on the phone for over half an hour, they gave me the store credit so it was a win win for all. I get the watch at the lower price and O will ultimately get my savings from today in a future sale.

    Now I just have to pray that the watch isn't damaged in shipping!
  4. :yahoo:Good for you,you should'nt have been out of pocket,an offer is an offer,regardless of wether you have ready cash or a credit note,they amount to the same thing,they were just trying it on!!!! Glad you came out on top!!!!
  5. Which watch did you get?? any pics??