want to put my name in the waiting list but...

  1. Hi I'm pretty new here. So, I want to get myself a 'soleil' 35 cm birkin and went to Hermes store in Melbourne. The store manager told me that their listings had been closed but a friend of my friend just bought the exact same bag without even having to wait. do you ladies have any idea what is going on? or is the manager just giving me the "attitude"? :sad:
  2. i bought the kelly shoulder in soleil and my frind bought the shoulder birkin in soleil color as well without a waiting list.
  3. really? then why did she tell me the listings was full.. :sad: do any of you ladies have any opinions of what I can do or say to the manager to get the bag? Thanks!! :smile:
  4. maybe the waiting list is really full :p others might have gotten theirs by chance or ordered before the list was full or closed...
  5. i thought the waiting list was really full as well when the first time she told me, and then suddenly a friend of a friend bought it, then I went back to the store again and the manager told me it was full again. I really really want this bag, I can purchase it from a reseller but the price is going to be much more expensive. I'm confuse now. Any idea what should I do? Thank you so much!! :smile:
  6. perhaps this wasn't offered to you because you asked for waiting list? you could just ask whether the boutique has anything available currently in soleil..that way the SA will know you want it asap
  7. maybe ur 'friend of a friend' was lucky and caught the soleil birkin on display/available in the backroom? many pple bought their birkins without getting on the list.

    however, having said that, sometimes it's also luck of a draw where not everyone is 'offered' a birkin even if it's available. it could depend on ur relationship with the SA, how u approach ur SA to inquire about a birkin, and other factors. there are actually quite a number of stories/threads on this forum regarding this matter. :smile:
  8. thank you!! I didn't realise that as it is my first time to enquire a birkin bag in the actual hermes store (bought my bag last time from a reseller). I'll try to ask for the bag instead of waiting list then :nuts:!!
  9. thanks for your help ;) that is very helpful! I don't have good relationship with the SA yet as this is my first time to enquire about the bag in hermes store :p as for the threads and stuff do you happen to have any link for them? thank you so much!! :biggrin:
  10. Depending on which part of the world you are in, Birkins are never ever found on the shelf or offered to first-time customers, and there is no waitlist for customers who are just looking to buy a Birkin and nothing else, although I believe that Birkin sightings on the shelf have been reported in Australia.

    There is a search function you can use to find previous threads.
  11. I think your friend bought a SB II. Both SK and SB II (recently released) should be easily be available depending on where you live.
  12. I do not know which part of the world you are from but it is DEFINITELY possible to get on a wait list if you want to buy a Birkin and have never ever even walked into a Hermes shop before. I managed to get on a wait list in Paris even thorough they stated at first that the list was closed. I demanded to speak to the manager. There attitude was c**p so when the bag arrived I turned it down!!!!! Also managed to get onto wait list in my London store Bond Street but as of yet they have not phoned me but unless the Manager has changed (I am sure there are girls on here who know the name of this gentleman)I am pretty sure that I will get one fairly soon.
  13. OP said she is in Melbourne
  14. they ALWAYS say they are going to call you but they never did (what happened when I ordered a chanel bag)! :tdown: I think I have to be Victoria Beckham first to get my dream bags :p
    how do you ladies think I should approach the SA to get me the bag? should I be mad? or nice? :graucho:
  15. How would you want to be approached? By someone nice and friendly or rude and pushy?

    rosie50, the manager of Bond Street is a woman. How long ago did you order your bag?