Want to purchase a Christmas gift

  1. Hello ladies!
    I am looking to purchase a scarf and scarf ring or wallet for my mom's Christmas gift. Approximately how much money should I take to make my purchase? I've only purchased belts from Hermes so I don't know the exact price range for scarves or wallets. I want to get some info on TPF before I hit the boutique bc whenever I go without knowing the exact price and style of whatever I want to purchase, the SA's seem to be annoyed as if I should already know everything. I love Hermes, but I don't like to be treated that way. It's sad I still go to make purchases even with the treatment but who could resist Hermes???
    Also, what is the approximate price range for a 35 Birkin (togo/clemence/epson/fjord, gold hardware)? I understand the price ranges from different colors and skins, I just want to know the average price on the bag. I would like to save and purchase one for my mom, but it seems to be almost impossible to purchase. I don't want to purchase used or from eBay. I like to make all my purchases at the boutique. I am currently trying to build my purchases at my local boutique, but as I am a Chanel fanatic (bc Hermes tends to intimidate me) I have yet to have a relationship with any Hermes SA's. Therefore, I find it hard to get responses from the Hermes SA's about the birkins. The Hermes boutique I go to seems to sell birkins only to VIP customers or something.
    Please kindly respond with any answers.
    Thanks ladies!
  2. 35 Birkin - 9500+tax
    Scarf ring - approx. 2-350 ( you can also buy online)
    scarves - check online.. they have all sizes/prices there. then you can make a decision and when you go to boutique you will know how much you want to spend and how much to bring.
  3. Thanks for the response, chanel*liz!! Love your pic btw! :smile:
  4. Thanks sweetie! Are you going to rodeo dr Hermes?
  5. Yes! It's only 10 min drive from my house. Stop by Chanel and Cartier on the way as well hehe :cloud9::love::santawave: Do you frequent the Rodeo location?
  6. I have shopped there before. Great inventory and huge store!
  7. What a sweet daughter you are~ your mom is so lucky to have such a thoughtful daughter~

    You can start off by playing on Hermes.com website and look through the scarves and get an idea of what your mom may like~ there are a few sizes and different materials as well. You can also look through the "which scarf are you wearing" thread and there you will see all the fabulous ladies wearing their scarves in amazing ways!

    BH store has great selection and all the SAs are fabulous~ Just keep in mind that since it's in such a touristy location, the locals + all the tourists going through the store can be overwhelming for the SAs too! Don't be intimidated!! Just remember that a little courtesy goes a LONG way~ nothing wrong with starting off with scarves and moving on to other products as you become more familiar with H~

    Best of luck to you and have a fun fun visit to your local H store!!
  8. Thanks, boo1989!! Sorry for the late response, I did not see your reply until just now! :shucks:
    I really appreciate both you ladies' suggestions and thanks for your responses! I will post pics/details after I make my purchase this Sunday!!! I've been so busy with finals this week.. I will finally have time to shop!!! :yahoo:
    I'm actually the lucky one to have a mother that loves me the way she does. I wish I could afford to get her a birkin but as of now, I must stick with scarves. But who wouldn't love a gift that comes in a beautiful Hermes box? Hehe