Want to look at the sushi that I made??!

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  1. Just want to share pics of sushi I made on Saturday, does require some patience but it was fun and not as hard as I thought to make decent looking sushi!



  2. Wow that looks great!
  3. thanks! elle tee :smile:
  4. WOW..it looks so yummy...what is the sushi in the second pic? so pretty!
  5. Looks yummy...ok great now I am craving sushi...thanks alot! Lol.
  6. wow. just after i eat a big juicy burger. SOMETHING I HAD BEEN CRAVING THE WHOLE... NOW YOU SHOW ME THIS!!!

    :sos: :googling the closest sushi bar:!!
  7. miss alice: thanks! it's salmon sushi, just that this is a type of decorative sushi that most Japanese chefs have an arsenal of, it's called temari-zushi. PM me if u want the recipe/ the way it's done, i have the recipes on my blog anyway.

    sweetpea: thanks! hehe ur welcome!!

    clearstatic: Ur soo funny! haha I love sushi too.
  8. minami. i cant stop staring.... its like a hermes croc bag. JUST SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

    did you any type of cook book or website video to help you out!!???

    it really looks like art!
  9. ^^ thanks clearstatic! ur so cute

    yes, i did refer to a cook book for the second type of sushi that I pictured, I have the recipe on my blog. http://tastesofhome.blogspot.com/2008/04/assorted-sushi.html here's the link to how to make if ur interested.

    yeah, I know, I guess I was on a roll - sometimes cooking requires some kind of 'mood' too??

    thanks again for ur compliments, btw contrary to my screen name, I'm not japanese, just a lover of jap food :smile:
  10. WHY THANK YOU! :smooch:
    and thanks for the link to your blog. I hadnt noticed your signature.... YOU KNOW, you should add pics into your sig of some of the plates you have done!

    ps.i was too shy to ask thanks for clearing that up! i was thinking... "maybe its something the japanese are born with!" LOLOL!! :lol:
  11. ^ hahah! yeah, maybe i shld add some pics..thanks for the tip

    yeah I know my screen name is misleading..HAHHA LOL
    thanks for ur visit to my blog! most of my recipes are quite quick and easy, it's not everyday that I take on the laborious task of making sushi! haha
  12. it looks amazing!! I want to make sushi this weekend!!
  13. ^^ thanks! it's fun to make for sure!!
  14. looks great!
  15. Wow, yummy!!