want to learn how to take better pics of your bags?


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Nov 18, 2005
this is by request.

want to learn how to take pictures of your handbags to look like this?


it's pretty simple.

RULE # 1: TURN OFF THE FLASH! seriously, the flash is your enemy. i'll tell you why, it always washes out colors, any details and textures (especially if you plan to do close ups)

ok, now that we have the flash turned off, we need to choose a a setting. i prefer indoor lighting. use a 100 watt bulb in a over head lamp, a table and a white wall for background. a cluttered background takes away from the subject.

now, stuff the bag and try to have it sit upright by itself. this is especially hard for soft slouchy bags, but do your best.

#2- before taking the picture, see what kind of setting you have on your camera. in the main menu there should be an option for white balance. choose the one with the indoor lighting. or just select the indoor lighting option in settings. might not be in the menu, this varies depending on your camera.

#3- choose the flower button. aka, close ups.

#4- before you press down on the shutter completely, press the shutter down only halfway, this lets the camera focus on the bag.

#5- try not to crop out any part of the bag. you want to try to get the entire bag in the frame. i usually do a straight on picture. i don't usually do an overhead shot. so get down on your knees so you are face to face with your bag. lol.

#6- steady yourself. hold the camera still.

#7 shoot!

#8- don't be afraid to take lots of photos. it's a digital camera so don't worry about waste. take as many photos, different angles as you want.

i think that's it! any questions? :lol:

so start practicing! there are a TON of lovely bags out there on this forum and we want to see fantastic photos!!!!

get cracking!
Dude, I don't know how to change settings, I barely know how to turn on the flash, this is not going to work for me. lol

And there is NO uncluttered place in my apartment!
it hadn't even occurred to me that my camera might be in far-away mode! THAT's why i can't take close-ups that aren't incredibly blurry! huzzah! thanks fayden!

lol, this is seriously a revelation, y'all.
OMG Fayden, thank you! The pics I took of my ink city suck! Ugh, I had the flash on, did not stuff it etc... Needless to say, the color is all washed out and the leather looks totally waxy in the pics. Oh well, I'll get it right next time.;)
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I'm charging my camera now and by tomorrow night will post some (hopefully) improved pics of some of my bags.