Want to know about the best shampoo ever?! Read on.


Jun 24, 2009
Miami Florida
I change hair products, bath products, and cosmetics about once a week since I'm never really satisfied with anything long enough to stick with it. Don't get me wrong, I have a few beauty staples, but I guess you could say I am always looking for the next best thing.

A few weeks ago I came across this line of hair products called Mirtha De Perales. I was bored with my current shampoo so I decided to give this a try. Boy was I impressed. I bought the Herbal shampoo(green) and the conditioning rinse (light blue). The scent is nothing special, but the products work amazingly well on my hair. I got them for around $7 at my local Bed Bath and Beyond, but I think they might carry them at CVS or Walgreens as well, although I can't be certain. You can always buy it on their website too.

My hair is normally wavy and has a tendency to get frizzy very easily (Don't worry if you have dissimilar hair, they have something for everybody). It also gets oily quite fast so I have to wash my hair every other day. I used to notice build-up with my other shampoos, they would weigh my hair down and I would have to switch shampoos for that very reason, my hair would also fall out more with other shampoos, presumably because of the ingredients. With MDP the amount of hair that has fallen out during my shampooing has been cut down by about 80%! Not to mention I don't have to switch to another shampoo to give my hair a break since there is no buildup. It's fabulous and I wouldn't think of trying anything else. :yahoo:

Now that I've shared my success story, do you guys have any miracle products of your own?


windy city
Dec 12, 2008
I'm going to try this. I have super thick, wavy layered hair and need to wash it every day otherwise it gets oily. I don't put conditioner on the roots because it just makes my hair greasy even if I wash all of it out!


Luxury = Purses
Jul 15, 2009
I've never heard of this brand before... I'll have to check this out!


Mar 25, 2008
I LOVE Pureology shampoo and conditioner! Its amazing
I like Pureology too, but the smells of their products are a little off. My HG shampoo is Rene Furtere forticea stimulating shampoo - it's great if you have thinning hair and want to boost the growth. :biggrin:


Jun 10, 2006
Way Down Yonder
^^ I've heard good things, but $35 for a bottle is a bit excessive.

I won't buy shampoos and conditioners that are that expensive anymore. Too many times I've splurged because I heard good things and then HATED the new stuff with a passion because it was worse than the other stuff I'd used! Can't let myself do it again.