want to keep a list of grail bags?

  1. any interest in keeping a list of our holy grail bags, so we can keep our eyes out for each other? i volunteer to keep it current if you're up for one.

    mine are:
    1. croc sac mallette without the gem compartment -- just like HG's. any color is fine.

    2. barenia picotin in the MM size.
  2. Barenia Trim I please!
  3. What happened to the Himalaya being the holy grail?:crybaby:
  4. Waffle Kelly......
  5. ^LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm GOING to find you one, D.............
  6. oh, but it IS! But unobtainable, I like to keep it just out of reach.......
  7. DQ

    i posted a pic last week of a lovely vintage sac mallette in rouge croc for eye candy purposes, and i believe it is free of the jewel box appendage. Here's the link:

  8. -a Togo or VL 32cm HAC in either gold or a vibrant color (i.e., rouge garance or potiron)--PH is preferable.

    -JPG in brown or a fun color w/PH--I need to re-visit the swatch book on my next store visit.
  9. a 35cm gold clemence birkin w/gold hw pls

  10. thank's bete-noir -- that's exactly it! now i've gotta crunch the numbers . . .

    GF, what happened to vert jasmin croc?

    orchids, do you require all leather? this is jeans toile and leather.

  11. I would have to jump at a Kelly Elan similar to Shopmom's! So sad they're discontinued!!!
  12. ^^Oh WOW--if that were in a 35cm with a lighter shade of denim, I'd be all over that one DQ! I think the JPG would have to be all leather for me. Great find though--I've never seen a JPG in that combo before.
  13. always.........!

    I WILL get my hands on jasmin if it kills me!!
  14. got a pic? i don't know what that is. :shame: