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  1. Hello!
    I´m new here (must admit I´ve been lurching around for a while...). I really tried to tell myself to wait for the sales but... Well, I´ve just now ordered a chocolate bayswater! So much for that effort. But now it´s coming before Christmas and can be put under the tree. I´m so excited! Hope I may join you in this fabulous forum :p!
  2. Hi mymlan - Here on the Mulberry forum we welcome all newbies even if they have yet to buy a Mulberry. I must say that as a relative newbie myself l have been made more than welcome by the girls on here they are such a friendly lot!!! I am sure that when you receive your chocolate Bayswater they will want to see it.


  3. Hi and welcome!!! I have my 1st Mulberry wrapped under the tree!! A beautiful black Bays!!! Can't wait... The ladies in this forum are absolutely lovely and some of them are quite nuts !!! Join us and you will see for yourself!! Glad to have you here!! Where in the world are you located???

    GTO - hope your sis is doing great and recovers quickly!!!!:heart::heart::heart:
  4. Welcom mymlan! A choco Bayswater...what a way to start off on Mulberry. You just got yourself a classy classic. :tup:

    Share a modelling when you have in unwrapped on Christmas Day!

    You too kroquet, a modelling pic please!
  5. Hi kroquet - It was a long day on Friday as she was last down for surgery but l was told that there were a couple of emergencies due to two poor women having eptopic pregnancies that had to be dealt with. I went there for couple of hours this morning and she was drifting in and out of sleep as she hadnt slept very well through the night, which is totally understandstable. I will visit later this morning to see if she has perked up a bit - hopefully she has - if she keeps saying she wants to go home she must be feeling a bit better!!!! I
    can't believe that her consultant is saying next year that the UK National Health Service is talking about carrying out hysterectomies as a day case, where you go in and have the op done in the morning and are discharged in the evening. Thank God l don't have to go through that!!!
  6. Hi mymlan - welcome to the mad house - oops i mean mulberry forum!!! Chocolate bayswater in my opinion is the best!!! (i have a chocolate ivy one which will be under the tree this xmas!)

    gtomad - best wishes to your sis. I can only assume the consultant was referring to the laparoscopic (keyhole) hysterectomies being day cases??
  7. Hi!! Mylam!!! Welcome to our forum!! It gets a bit of a white knuckle ride sometimes when the banter starts flying,so strap yourself in and enjoy!!! And congrats on your new bag,bet you can't wait for christmas!!xxxxxx

    gto,I hope your sis feels well enough to come home soon? She sounds a bit like me,worlds worst patient,and always much happier to recuperate at home.I hope she is well enough for them to let her come home in the next day or so. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Hi mymlan, welcome to the forum! You've picked a gorgeous bag to start your Mulberry collection. Make sure you post pics so we can admire it :tup:
  9. Welcome Mymlan! Such a great choice you have made - looking forward to pictures of your new baby! :flowers:
  10. Hello Pigen!!! I've not said hello to you properly yet!! Bin a bit poorly so not been around that much,but better late than never ..... Hello!!!:tup::heart:
  11. Hi Chaz! Aww, how sweet is that - thank you! yes, I read somewhere that you and your family haven't been feeling so good lately :throwup: - hope that you are all better now!
  12. I hope that is the case too!!! A full blown surgery and out the same day!!! Nuts!
    If that is the case, I wonder if a man would be released so quickly with say, prostate surgery!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Me thinks, no way!!!!!!

  13. Hi Jo - No definately not -they will be done vaginally!!!
  14. Hi Girls - Sorry about not posting much but have now really only just logged on!!! I haven't been to bed since Friday night. Went to see sis yesterday and she was so drugged up - she kept coming to and then falling asleep, came home got ready for works Xmas do that was great - got home at 3.00 am - watched the boxing - went back to hospital. She is so much better today and when her specialist came in to check her this morning she pestered him and she is coming home tomorrow. She did not need a full hysterectomy with the removal of her ovaries (which is great) because she would have been unable to go on to HRT as one of our other sisters had breast cancer at the age of 40 and had to have a mastectomy seven years ago. There are so many advances in medical techniques now but l still would not want to be a day case for a hysterectomy. She has now obviously got to take it easy with bending and lifting but the recovery period is meant to be a lot quicker this way.
  15. Glad to hear your sis is doing well, please pass on my best wishes. I had a fantastic recovery, I was back to work after 2 weeks sick leave and will hopefully get the go ahead this week to get back into some gym work.