Want to join a society ,club in My area what is the best way to do that ?


Aug 30, 2006
New Jersey
i'm not in college and am looking for a Society Club to join Any idea where i can go ? ( i live in North Carolina if that helps ) i'm 23 female - ( i'm not in2 the outdoor tho- i would support wildlife - Not go camping or something u get the pic lol Any idea where i can go ? i dont mind paying dues Oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! no church things


Aug 2, 2007
Somewhere on the East Coast
Why don't you check around for a local volunteer group or something like that? I'm unsure exactly what you're looking for, but one of the best ways to network is volunteer for an organization who's cause you feel strongly about. For example, when I didn't have a kid or school to worry about, I volunteered at a Fair Trade store, because I feel very strongly about that kind of thing. I learned more and met more people in three years than I had since leaving college.
Dec 14, 2006
You can also get involved with a political organization. Every city/town should have ******** and ********** clubs. They're great because you'll be sure to meet a bunch of people from all different fields/backgrounds and not just one specific type of people. Even better, there are clubs specifically for young people. Here's the link to the Young ********s of NC page with a bunch of local chapters.

Feb 8, 2006
I know how you feel I am looking for something to be involved in too. I just checked out a few community newspapers here in my city and found a ton of stuff to do.