Want to join a collective effort?

  1. How many of you have websites of some sort and would like to help a collective effort to inform people on Bergacci and their scam?

    Bergacci realized a while back that they could spam the Search Engines with fake sites praising their store, luring people into buying their fake products. I want to organize an effort to counteract this spam attack and help people avoid getting scammed by them.

    The effort would not need you to do anything else than to place a little table on your blog, livejournal, website, anything online...

    Who's interested?
  2. i have no blog, livejournal or anything so can't help but i think it is a great idea!
  3. A couple months ago, I sent a letter to Houston's BBB department to ask why they still gave them a good rating and pointed out that Bergacci and another company were one in the same. I don't have a website or personal blog, but I can find that information again and do an update with Houston's Better Business Bureau just in case others look up that information just as I had, which stopped me from purchasing from them.
  4. i have a blog, if that helps
  5. i think this is a GREAT idea...but alas, no blog.
  6. I have a blog.. and I DISPISE all forms of link farming !! Count me in !

    Like the ad says - "fake is for last night, not for handbags" !!
  7. Great idea! No blog here but I would love to help anyway I can!
  8. great idea, Vlad... i've got a blog... i'm still trying to find my way around it... but i'll try and help out for sure!!! :smile:
  9. Neither do I, but I also think the idea rocks :cool: If I can be of help, let me know!
  10. Maybe I can invade my husband's website with a blog entry. His site has nothing to do with bags. If I can I will!!

    Vlad--Do you know if LV, Chloe, etc. has tried to do anything to shut Bergacci down?? I just can't believe it still exists after the exposure here. Just curious.
  11. I'm on it! Will post something today on my blog site.
  12. Item posted. Not that I get alot of hits or anything, but it's in there.
  13. I have no blog etc....if I can help in anyway give me a shout!
  14. I have an LJ, count me in!
  15. Can we put a banner on here?
    I don't have a blog or anything. . . just thinking of how we can spread he word.