Want to have a good laugh?

  1. :throwup:they really try too hard don't they??? hmmmm at least they're honest and show a serial patch . . .:yucky: seriously offensive to me . . . :boxing:
  2. Ugh, I think I just throw-up in my throat...:throwup:
  3. Ewwww.... :throwup:
  4. lol:smile::tdown:


    If it were the real demin patchwork, I actually think it would be a cute purse:blush:
  5. :wtf: Gross! :throwup: I feel sorry for the people bidding on it.
  6. Oh my goodness. :throwup:
  7. thats not even a (good?) fake........i feel bad for anyone bidding on it.....thats just wrong imo :sad:
  8. I reported it, hopefully it will be taken down, but only 5 min left in auction.
  9. she had the weirdest return policy too...

    she must be notified of return with one day of reciept???

    so let me see, i'm going to buy something and change my mind the NEXT DAY even before i receive it???

  10. hahaha!!! That is ss funny!
  11. WOW! I feel sorry for the poor soul who won that auction!!
  12. I think she means e-mailing her within one day AFTER you receive the item. Then she allows 7 days from receipt of item for her to get it back.
  13. Oh my gosh...there were people really in a biding war on that!! :shocked:
  14. Crap! $154.21 for a fake! I wish I saw this earlier, I would have reported it! Poor winner