Want to guess what I got today?

  1. Spent way too much and I'm already starting to regret one of my purchases :Push:

  2. I am sooooo bad with guessing games!! Just tell us!! ;)
  3. one of them is a watch, another tambour? a bracelet of some sort, and oh heck im anxious to know! =)
  4. Do tell, do tell...pretty please??? :nuts:
  5. One looks like a wapity box? Hmm...
  6. Correct! :yes: The "Tambour Lovely Diamonds Evening"...this is my third LV watch. I think I'm done after this one! :lol:

    Hints: the big box does not contain a handbag...and the small thin box was a free gift.
    IMG_3311.JPG IMG_3312.JPG
  7. Elle, please don't do this!!! I am tired and want to go to bed but first I want to see what you got!!!:nuts:
  8. Gorgeous watch, can't wait to see what's in the rest of them!
  9. Wow....gorgeous...congrats..Your collections are TDF!!!!
  10. was the gift the mc bookmark? =) that watch is bee-u-T-ful!
  11. ack i hate the suspensioN!! yikes, and now im goign to bed so ill probably dream about it lol.. I guess ill wait till the morning.. and a free gift?!? how awesome!
  12. I already have two of those that I barely use! If I buy a third...then someone needs to lock me up :roflmfao:
  13. ay yi yi, i hate posts like this...the suspense kills me!
  14. but the watch is lovely!!
  15. I wish it was a bookmark! I was actually quite disappointed...but I think it would've been rude to ask for something else, no? :sad:

    Here it is: the Mikado game set (a buncha sticks!)

    I do like the wooden box though! :flowers: