Want to get my first CLES

  1. Instead of getting ludlow, now I decide to get a cles which is more suitable for my needs. However, I don' want it to be too flashy, and hope it has a bigger size, so would you recommend one for me? Thanks.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. Monogram Cles is so cute. Its not flashy. And its so cute!
  3. Monogram or Damier cles is very pretty and not too flashy. But--the cles is smaller than the ludlow, and I think you said you hoped it was a bigger size?
  4. Yes, the reason is, when I checked e-Lux website I noticed the dimentions of EPI cles is bigger than Vernis's cles, is that true?:confused1:


  5. Well I think the vernis cles is a little smaller than the others. But vernis is so pretty. Well, I think you should go with whichever one you feel the most comfortable. If you don't like mono, then maybe the damier or an epi would be more your style.:smile:
  6. One of the canvas ones would likely by the best then. The mono or the damier hold so much! I had a mono one for a while & it was soo functional bc it could hold so many things. (I ended up returning it though, I was craving a pink vernis one instead!) You will love any cles you get though! They are great!
  7. Mono Groom Cles...
  8. A mono cles or an epi sounds like it would work for you - Vernis cles do tend to be a bit smaller and stiffer too.
  9. Azur or Groom. Vernis is so pretty, but not very big.

    Congrats on your first cles! Post pics for us. ;)
  10. Mono or Perfo Cles is cute!
  11. It looks like the canvas cles are the biggest, so I would pick one of those.
  12. I agree with the others, if you want it to be functional, then the mono or damier are your best bet, i have one of each and easily have 5 cards and some money in it.
    The vernis is difficult to fit more than three cards in and even those are difficult to get in and out, the epi is a little better but still difficult to get stuff in and out. The Multicolor ones are the worst in my opinion, the leather along the edges just makes it a lot smaller, i didn't get much use out of mine due to that.
  13. Pomme Vernis Cles or Suhali Cles... :biggrin:
  14. I love my Mono one and I don't have to worry about it getting marks on it or anything. I seriously love my cles!
  15. the vernis cles is the cutest but the least functional! it's a little on the stiff side. i would go for the damier azur!