Want to get my first B-bag...what advices can u experts give me?

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  1. Hi there:

    Due to the influence of this forum & all the gorgeous B-bag pictures that you ladies have posted :graucho: , I have finally decided to get a B-bag. I love the design of B-bag for a few yrs now, but I wasn't sure if I should spend that much money on a bag. Now, I have made my decision to finally get one. :P Is there websites that I can go to to learn about the different types of B-bag & the colors that are available? I saw a pale pink B-bag that shaped like a rectangular box ....& I love it. :love: I'm planning to buy the bag from HOlt Renfrew (as I live in Canada) & I don't know any other place that sell B-bag. I'm worry to spend so much money on ebay for a fake bag. Is there anything I should look for when choosing a B-bag? What kind of questions I should ask the salelady? What is good leather for B-bag or how can tell if it's authentic? What does a B-bag usually come with? Also, Right now, I can only afford 1 B-bag...what color should I pick?? Sorry, I have so many questions....hope you experts can help me out. :yes: Thanks a lot!
  2. Hi happy! Well, I find this to be the most informative Balenciaga website and it was created by a very special PF member :love:

    I think that since you are unfamiliar with the bags, an authorized retailer would be your best bet. One thing to note...these bags are very addictive! Good luck with your search and do let us know what you ended up buying!!
  3. Good luck on your search. Let us know which beautiful bag you choose!
  4. Thanks for the website!!! I will have to do a bit of research first before I will get one...lol. But I can see that B-bags are so addictive as I love all of the colors....& I already have trouble picking only 1 color. :biggrin:
  5. Welcome HappyAngel! Good luck with your research, and be sure to post any questions you might have so we can help if you need it!!!
  6. Ooh, you came to the right place! You will not be dissapointed with your B-bag! Since I did not live by a boutique that sold Balenciaga, I bought and sold 3 b-bags before I found the shapes that worked best for me. Go try them all on; take your time holding it, hanging it off your shoulder, etc. You will find the best bag for you. Congrats, I am so excited for you!! :biggrin:
  7. welcome to the b-bag world! you're going to love it!!!!
  8. :P You will never be able to stop at just one....might want to start looking
    for a second job lol kidding of course:angel: