Want to find doctor for body line and leg liposuction in South Korea


Jul 7, 2020
Hello :3

I’m a Russian student who lives in Seoul South Korea

Last years I found out that even if I go on diet and loose a lot of weight I have some specific areas which look really non attractive- especially hips and legs.. the feeling is like I still have fat there and it looks very bad when I’m thin. All my body is normal but these zones are my problem.. can you please recommend me good place for take it out in Seoul?

I know there are a lot of clinic there but I heard they are really good only in case they are working with Koreans but I’m not Korean and even not Asian, so hope you guys can help me to find nice place for doing it!:smile:


Jul 7, 2020
My review for Local anesthetic liposuction

I did procedure on my legs yesterday morning,
And Like everybody I was very scared before doing it cause one of my friends did the same zone last year and she told it was very painful

Soooo when I went to clinic I felt I should stand with something really scary

I did some new kind of procedure which calls “local anesthetic invasive lipo suction”

This is official Process description from the clinic called lams

1. Tunneling: Forming a tunnel by applying a physical shock, So that it helps to get the fat out.
2. Extracting Fat: immediately extract fat where you concerned about
3. Dissolving Surrounding: Dissolve the surrounding extra fat by inserting a specialized medical liquid lipolysis.
4. Extracting Dissolved Fat: Through the optimized aftercare treatment, it helps in getting rid of extra dissolved fats quickly from the body

The best thing I thought about is It’s not necessary to wear special garment. It’s summer so I thought it’s so annoying and hot!

And I didn’t wanna sleep like people usually sleep with anesthesia so it looks like the best decision

I came to the clinic at morning at 11 am and we finished procedure about 1.30 pm.

All what I can say injections were not the best parts of my day when doctor was deleting my fat it was okey it feels like strange king of massage but it was really okey I could talk and I think in case I want it’s really possible to read book on this time or do whatever you want.

After all,
I think it hurts only about 3-4 minutes for 1 zone, but it’s possible to wait for better body right?;)
I made a free day for all after-procedure day and it was good decision because my legs kinda swell, but not really much so I could go to mart and walk with my dog for 10 minutes in the evening without any problems.
I can’t say anything about final results now because it’s only my second day, but hope it will be okey and I can share everything step-by-step with you guys :smile:

By the way,
My doctor was very fun, we were talking and laughing a lot during procedure, and my translator helped me a lot, she was staying with me and trying to say something good for me so that’s what helps me too I think
hope if you will do it too you will have good people near of you ☺ 16bottles.jpg


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Sep 27, 2020
WOW THANK YOU FOR SHARING! I am thinking of going to 365 next year in April and I am Canadian. Would you mind if I asked you some questions via dm?